Using Technology to your advantage in Business and at Home

We assemble things, like Software, Microprocessors and electrical devices, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities in emerging Technologies.
OK, so, how can we  be of help ?
Homes and Offices have become a whole lot smarter in the last few years.
We could get your Pot plant to send you “feed me” tweets.
Very cute, but why does it matter ?
All these technological advances could be working together to make you more efficient, safer and competitive especially if we start thinking out of the box.

  • Would you like to set a chain of events in motion on entering your home or office ?
  • What about when someone you don’t know about does the same ?
  • Would you like to bring about efficiencies in energy use ?
  • Not sure if you are benefiting from your current strategy ? Sometimes, we need to evaluate existing strategies to see if we are deriving maximum benefit.
  • Have you perhaps invested in a CBUS installation ? Like to get a second opinion to see if you are getting what you originally envisaged.
  • Not sure how the Internet fits into your marketing strategy ?  Use of the Internet is still growing exponentially. The next wave of users won’t even be humans.
  • Looking for cost effective ways to Get your Story “out there ” ? Do you need a website tailored to your requirements ?
  • Are you poised to take advantage of the Government’s planned investment in Internet technology ?  We are faced with some difficult problems which can only be solved by fostering and growing great ideas
  • How can you leverage these benefits ?  “Adapt or Die” is getting to be more relevant to our lifestyle.