What is CBus ?

The Clipsal CBus system is a microprocessor based wiring system which can be used to control lighting and a plethora of electrical services. Essentially this is a network of electrical devices consisting of  (among others) ON/OFF switches ; analogue Controls Dimmers ; motion sensors which can control virtually any type of electrical load.
Essentially this is suited to a wide variety of applications including:-

  • Commercial Lighting Control
  • Standalone Room Lighting Control
  • Residential Automation


Why Use CBus ?

The CBus System provides you with :-

  1. Effective Energy Management – Which is a critical aspect of all buildings in the Residential; Industrial and Commercial markets. this can reduce energy consumption in the following ways:-
    • By using Occupancy Sensors.
    • By employing Time Scheduling.
    • By restricting lighting loads to levels below 100%.
    • By use of Automatic Timers.
    • By maintaining Light Levels.
    • Through Automated Blind Control.
    • By Controlling Ambient Temperature.
  2. Flexibility – CBus can provide users with ultimate flexibility offering the ability to:-
    • Reprogram units as often as necessary.
    • Change the function of switches and loads, without any rewiring required.
    • Control a single load from multiple switches by programming.
    • Control multiple load circuits from a single switch by programming
  3. Functionality – CBus fulfills a need for numerous functions which cannot be achieved with conventional wiring. Including:-
    1. Automate events triggered by logic, time or date schedules.
    2. Mood Settings for loads via predefined levels with fade times
    3. Control by Infrared or Wireless Re,ote.
    4. Integration with third party systems such as Security, Audio Visual, Irrigation etc.