How we Provide Custom Electronic Design

Where ready made Solutions are not available, Carmel Computer Consultants design micro controller circuitry and firmware. Usually by leveraging Open Source Initiatives where they are available.
  • Pricing
    If the project is simple, a Fixed price quote is Available.More complex projects will have a budgeted research stage, results of which will determine a fixed price plan for the majority of the work, then time and materials for remainder.
  • Quality
    Carmel Computer Consultants commits to providing quality products.Complex Projects require prototypes which are subject to debugging stages – during which any problems are fixed.
  • Availability
    Carmel Computer Consultants run projects in parallel.Availability is not exclusive.
  • Confidentiality
    We DO reuse building blocks from our code and circuitry – but we do not copy our clients designs. Any work you give us is confidential. Any information you give us is your property.